About Me

Want To Know About Me & My Mission: I am a young trader, but with some big numbers behind me, and with passion to teach. I created this blog for people who are eager to know everything there is to know about Crypto currencies, Blockchain, digital assets and the future of our money. I don’t consider myself a pro, but I’m definitely not just lucky. Every cent I made through Crypto, I made with hard work, and more than anything – reading.

I was always fond of reading, and I guess that not surprisingly, also writing. The combination of both, plus my hands on experience (and big balls, ha) trading my savings with Crypto, got me to a fabulous idea – why not write a blog? I see it as a fun hobby, but you guys will see it as life changing. I’m sure that anyone who will take the materials I post here can, and will eventually, change his or her’s life.

Just one small request guys, please don’t gamble your money on dreams. There is no such thing as easy money. You should either get professional education along side some hands on experience, or just make it easy on yourself and find the right broker. I will do my best with time, to expose you to some of the best brokers in the business.

Ok, I have another request (sorry, I guess that makes it two) – please be in touch, and tell me what you think About Me & My Mission and my content. I’m easy to get in touch with, just Talk to me!

Financial independence must not be a dream, but a goal.

You can call me – CryptoFrank.


Want To Know About Me & My Mission
Yours truly, CryptoFrank