What’s the Secret to Bitcoin and its Success?

There's more to Bitcoin's than just mystery and volatility
There's more to Bitcoin's than just mystery and volatility

2017 has undoubtedly been the year of bitcoin, breaking $1000 dollars on New Year’s Day before rocketing up to $15000 in early December. That’s a return of 1500 percent! And as market fascination grows, investors are beginning to understand the real secret behind bitcoin’s success – the blockchain. Blockchain is transforming markets with bitcoin, but that is only the beginning – it could soon change the world.

Where we used to have hard currencies, we’ll now have cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, using blockchain technology. Where we used to have asset exchanges, we now have cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Where we used to have Microsoft Windows, blockchain has been used to create an entirely new platform. You may have heard of it: Ethereum. It rose 5,415 percent in 2017.

Put simply, blockchain is the technology upon which future networks will be built – and unlike our current systems, investors can gain partial ownership of these networks and reap the financial rewards!

Bitcoin may have risen 1500 percent this year, but it still only makes up $280 billion of the total $90 trillion of money that exists. A measly 0.3 percent of money, and that’s before considering the $544 trillion derivative markets.

Binance is one of the fastest growing blockchain based exchanges in the world with a market cap of $280 million – and investors holding Binance Coin are receiving financial reward as the exchange grows.

Ethereum has risen from $8 to $460 in 2017 and was used for the first time this year to buy a house via its smart contract technology. It is an operating system for blockchain, and while Microsoft Windows is the operating system for 80 percent of laptops and desktops in the world – investors won’t see a cent of that revenue.

These are just three examples out of hundreds that show how you can own a piece of this technological revolution, but the difficulty facing many investors is how to gain exposure… and profit from the blockchain.

The answer to that question? Global Blockchain. This ground-breaking company is aiming to become the world’s first publicly traded stock that invests in top-tier blockchain and digital currency innovations. Giving investors exposure to a cross-section of the blockchain ecosystem.

1. Plans to Have Exposure to a Wide Cross-Section of The Blockchain Ecosystem
Global Blockchain is responding to enormous investor demand with its plans to invest in a basket of holdings within the Blockchain space. This strategy will make it the first global investment company with exposure to a broad cross-section of the Blockchain ecosystem, removing the risk associated with purchasing individual coins.

If Global Blockchain carries out its plans, it will be balancing large cap companies with specifically chosen high-growth potential small-caps. Blockchain Global also plans to diversify portfolios by balancing cryptocurrencies by category.
This is an opportunity for investors to go beyond simply holding cryptocurrencies. The Global Blockchain business model is about investing in various protocols.

This is about smart asset allocation that has the potential to transform the entire space for investors.

2. Blockchain Could Disrupt Everything
As we alluded to earlier, blockchain could well be one of the biggest technologies of our age. It represents automation and collaboration on a new level and incentivizes investors to hold tokens! The growth predictions here may someday be headed into trillion-dollar territory, with investment opportunities the likes of which have never been seen before in history.

After all, blockchain technology is the backbone of the cryptocurrency market, worth about $375 billion and growing at an astounding rate.
The list of industries that could be disrupted by this technology is only limited by your imagination.

  • Banking: blockchain and cryptocurrency solve a ton of problems with the $134-trillion global banking industry. Blockchain solves everything from fees for sending payments through middlemen, privacy threats and security risks to cumbersome lending. That’s why seven major global banks have just partnered with fintech companies to develop new blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain technology is already being used to track global trade and shipments in this $8-trillion-plus industry.
  • The $7.4-trillion real estate industry is also a major beneficiary of blockchain tech. Real estate wonderland Dubai is even putting its entire land registry on a blockchain.
  • The global healthcare IT market -a market valued at $134 billion last year – is seeking an IT cure from Blockchain.
  • Even the $96-billion crowdfunding market is embracing Blockchain.

And the list goes on.


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