My Crypto Profits and What I learned from it!

There is no better teacher than an honest mistake
There is no better teacher than an honest mistake

I was fortunate enough to taste some profits from crypto early in my life. And I am eager to share my story with the whole world. But just a little heads up, the story is full of twists and turns, as the title suggests. So, fasten your seatbelts because I am going to take you on a crazy roller coaster of emotions, that ends with profits. So, without any further delay let’s get right to the story.

It all started while I was in Europe working for a well-known bank in 2016. A fellow colleague at the bank introduced me to Ethereum. Following his advice, I blindly invested in ETH, everything I had saved throughout my life. To be honest, I had no idea whatsoever as to what I was getting myself into. But boy oh boy! I never imagined that I was in line to make a fortune. It worked out incredibly well for me. And that’s not it!

In 2017, I switched to EOS from ETH but who knew that fate was totally on my side and my timing was absolutely perfect? After a while, in the liquid market, the value of assets went up staggeringly and was now worth more than 100x of my original investment. The total amount was close to a million dollars.

In the beginning, it was extremely difficult to digest the fact that I was a millionaire. Hence, I decided to keep this a secret. Only my parents, close friends, and that colleague who introduced me to the world of crypto knew about this.

Fortunately, the profits came at a time when my mom and dad needed help. I couldn’t be more glad that I could be of help. Just a little background: My mom and dad are divorced and hence live separately. And just like that, the word spread. In a few days, my whole family knew that I was a millionaire. I started receiving calls from my family members requesting for money. Even those relatives who lived abroad were calling me since they needed money. All in all, I lent somewhere around 5 digits. I don’t exactly remember how much. Unfortunately, I got nothing back after two years passed and now I’ve lost hope that I will ever get something back.

Growing frustrated with all this, I felt that I needed to earn that money again myself because no one was going to return it. In the pursuit of getting back my money, I started gambling through the EOSbet crypto casino and DICE. Like always, luck was on my side and I did pretty well for several months. With an effective strategy, I made around nine thousand EOS. And then, I lost all my profits under a day. Until now, I was satisfied since I lost as much as I won. But all of a sudden, the crypto market suffered a major setback and my EOS weren’t worth as much as before.

Of course, I got sad seeing the crypto market suffer a huge blow and during those emotional times, I bought DICE with all the money I had. Bad timing, I guess. I suffered yet another major setback after the crypto market crash down. I lost a huge portion of money in DICE. This roller coaster of emotions got me stressed and I stopped talking to everybody for a couple of months. The saddest part about this was that I didn’t have enough resources to diminish the financial crisis of my parents and family.

The bad times made me feel as if I didn’t care about money anymore. It didn’t make me content or happy. And to be honest, I never utilized my money for myself. As soon as everyone knew that I had a million in my bank account, almost all of my family members started having financial issues and started requesting me for assistance.

At that time, I was 29 years old, still living in my 2-room apartment that neither had a kitchen nor a TV. I didn’t even have a car.

2 months ago, I made a decision to leave the country in order to gain peace. I also quit my job, because I wasn’t enjoying it anymore and I had already stopped caring about the money or my salary in general.

Now, I am living in a completely new country that has different cultures, traditions, values, etc. And I am more than happy and at peace. My journey has taught me a lot of life lessons and changed the way how I used to look at money. 

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