How BTC Completely Turned My Life Around Completely

Once you get the hang of it, it can can turn into your 6th sense
Once you get the hang of it, it can can turn into your 6th sense

In today’s world, there are probably thousands of stories like mine. Thrilling and intriguing stories of BTC turning around lives completely. But I feel that it’s about time I shared my story with the whole world, and show everyone how bitcoin completely changed the way I live. Before I begin, I would like to pay my respect to everyone who’s involved in BTC from the owner to the workers to the agents. I would like to say thank you to all those who never gave up on this project and kept believing. It is surely their belief that has made Bitcoin reach these heights of success. Now without further ado, let’s go ahead with the story.

Since early 2011, I had a growing interest in Bitcoin, regularly checking its price and stuff. Back then, I had no technical knowledge of what blockchain actually was. It was quite understandable because I was barely a high-school kid at that time. I still remember that article I read about the idea of buying bitcoin – it got me hooked. I was fascinated by the thought of having bitcoin. I did a little more digging and decided that I needed to get hold of bitcoin to come what may! I started discussing it with my friends, family, and relatives. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that by then, I was a “crypto-maniac”.

At that time, the price of bitcoin was around $210. I remember urging my friends to buy Bitcoin by saying “Bitcoin is the future, buy it now or you’ll regret it later. It will change the meaning of the word money”. But obviously, no one would take a 16 years old kid seriously. A 16 y/o kid who just learned something new on the internet and now believes that it will change the world. That was of course what everyone thought. Little did they know that they were missing out on a fortune by ignoring my advice. Because I was too young, I didn’t have access to any kind of an exchange website or credit card. Till then, all I could do is follow the price.

A couple of years later, I was in college. I started learning UNIX and also spared some time to work on my programming skills. There was an insane demand for WordPress at that point in time. Almost everyone wanted to have their own website. I, being a freelancer, started asking my clients to pay me in bitcoins.  I can never forget the day I was first paid in Bitcoins by a client of mine who asked me to develop a security check on the CentOS server. The client sent 0.3 BTC which was worth $400 at that time if my memory serves me right. Moving forward, I asked to be paid in Bitcoin for every work I did, whether big or small. After some time, there I was, having 2.5 BTC.

Fun fact: I was only 19 when I had 2.5 BTC which equaled $910.

Overjoyed and ecstatic by seeing so much money of my own, I spend most of it on a laptop. What was remaining was only 0.6 BTC. 3 months later, my colleagues were planning a trip to the Philippines. In order to go with them, I needed the money. And the only money I had was my 0.6 BTC. So, I cashed the remaining BTC and received around $650. The trip was lovely and I had no regrets over spending my money.

For some time, I focused on my studies and left the BTC behind.

In 2017’s August, my dad lost his job and was unable to find employment anywhere. We were in a financial crisis and just a small amount of money on our hands that’d only be sufficient for the coming 4 months. I wanted to take my family out of this misery. And the only way out seemed to be Bitcoin.

I explained the whole cryptocurrency scene to my parents and convinced them to invest a portion of the remaining money in it. My father showed incredible faith in me and allowed me to invest ¾ of the money wherever I wanted. So, I bought 1.5 BTC with the money.

Now that I had bought 1.5 BTC, I had to find a way to make substantial profits from it. I spent hours and hours on several different trading websites and traded BTC for Altcoins. By November, I had turned those 1.5 BTC into 4 BTC. We needed some money so I cashed out the 1.5 BTC that I initially invested and decided to hold the rest because the price of bitcoin was consistently going up. Seeing the hike in the price of Bitcoin, I chose not to trade anymore.

To my surprise, the price just kept going up and up and up…. It all felt like a dream. Too good to be true.

When the price reached $16K, I sold all of my Bitcoins. My family, especially my dad, couldn’t believe it. Of course, it was nothing less than a miracle. Even I took some time to process the fact that I had just earned $40K from Bitcoin.

Everyone was impressed by my “crypto-trading” skills. I still kept on reading more and more about crypto. Joined various online communities and groups on Facebook. Amazed by my sense of crypto, an online friend offered me a writing job at a crypto website. I took the job and I am still working on the same website, as you all can see.

If anyone considers Bitcoin or the entire cryptocurrency scene to be a “scam”, please read my entire story. Upon reading the full story, you’ll realize how bitcoin can change lives. I’ve been believing in Bitcoin since 2011, and after half a dozen years, my life was significantly turned around thanks to Bitcoin. For the remainder of my life, I will continue supporting cryptocurrency.